Friday, March 19, 2010

Memory Loss

Memory loss/Forgetness is a gift to mankind by God. This is a famous dialogue from the movie 'Santosham' ( Hero Nagarjuna , Directed by Dasarath).

I complete agree with this dialogue and if we can develop this skill(??), every day is a 'Happy Day'.

I have been observing Guru ( My Son - 14 months) from last 3 months. He is always happy and smiles lot because if he doesn't remember past events(bad things). He doesn't remember that his mother has scolded him for not eating food / for not sleeping. He cries a lot when his father is going to office , when he fells down while learning walking.... He forgets everything and starts the next day fresh.

Of course, the above must be applicable to all children of age 1-5. They all are happy and smiles a lot because they don't carry any emotions in their brain. They are so lucky and really, forgetness is a gift by god to them.

Two months back, in my company, we have celebrated smiling day. A Group of 10 employees stood at the entrance and greeted the people coming to office with smiling faces & asked the employee to smile. Our channel manager has observed though all the employees know most of the other colleagues, they don't smile each other.And, he made us to do this activity for a day ( From next day, life is as usual change smile...).

Adult carry all the interactions ( Bad & Good) in their brain and when they speak with others they have only bad things in brain and try to interact... The result, they can't smile at everyone....If we can delete the emotions every end of the day and if we can start everyday fresh( like small children), Every day is a happy day for us too.

when you speak with anyone , if you carry emotions ( past experiences) in your brain ( especially, only bad things, forgetting the good things), you will not get natural laugh & joy....

My message to everyone is , Forget past, try to start every day fresh and live happily...