Monday, April 26, 2010

I just hate my life

"I just hate my life” ... is the suicide note written by Ms.Kavitha (23), a Dell Employee.
I read this news in the sakshi news paper one month back. As per the details given about this lady, she really doesn't have life & death problems. She is just 23, completed M.C.A , got job in good MNC & married two years back. She really doesn’t have any unsolvable problems. Yet, she has committed suicide by feeling life is a boring activity.

I really fell very bad when I read the news of somebody committing suicide for failing in exams, for not getting job, for failing in love.... I really feel pity of these people.
For a simple reason, today’s young generation is committing suicides. They want everything so fast in their life. They want to complete their education so fast... as soon as they complete their studies they want to get the job...once they step in to job, they want car, house...

                     THEY ALSO WANT TO END THEIR LIFE FAST...........

I can challenge that more & more people will become mad and will commit suicides in the comings days.

One common reason for youngsters committing suicide could be not knowing the techniques for managing stress. Stress attach is more dangerous than heart attack. The only way to manage stress is by relaxing the mind. When I say Relax... Someone says my stress buster is cigarette, for some other something else. Someone will go more advance and say that I will get total relaxation when I visit my Baba. However, very few will visit psychology counselor when they need help. In the western countries psychologists plays very important role in most the successful people life.

To get relief from stress, we need to delete bad experiences from our mind. Our mind is like a computer which can hold many softwares (thoughts). How we delete unwanted software from the system, we can delete the unwanted memories from our brain. By deleting bad experience and keeping only good, active things in the brain we can be always happy.

All this is possible with a technique called NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming). This is very popular in western countries and in India slowly this concept is picking up.

How yoga can balance our physical body and gives good shape, NLP makes our brain very sharp and active.

If anyone is in depression due to any reason, if anyone is feeling bored, if anyone is planning for suicide, suggest NLP and they will see a new world with their own eyes.


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