Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The best mirror is an old friend

“Advice from your friends in like the weather, some of it is good, some of it is bad.”

I firmly agree with the above quote. For some, friends are everything and they call a person as friend, only they talk/meet every day.

My definition of friendship is different.

In this busy world I don’t expect a person (whom you consider as friend) to be in touch with me everyday. I also expect the same from others. Too much of interaction with anyone is not good. I also don’t call this as quality of friendship.

For example, due to some known reasons, you haven’t meet/talk with a person (friend) for a quite time. However, when you call/meet him, when he/she speaks with you as if you are meeting every day, it is real friend ship according to me. Friends should be like railway lines (they meet only when it is required).

I personally don’t invite any one into my personal life. I am a private person. Too much interaction with anyone gives the change to others to give free advices to me which I don’t like. I respect others and expect others to respect me.

I have a very little numbers of friends (Well wishers) so far in my life. I don’t interact with any of these friends regularly. However, when I speak/ meet at any time (after a gap of any no of days / years), I get warm affection.

I have met one Gentle Man in july 2005 in ICICI Bank. I was introduced to this Gentleman by my Manager. I was very anxious that day as I got a call from my home informing that my father is ill and I need to go home urgently. I have informed to Manager that I need to go home urgently. This Gentle Man overheard my conversion and said “Please call me sir if you need any help”.

I really surprised by his gesture

This is first time in my life that some unknown person is offering help to me. I don’t know till that day there will be people like him also. Later he became my Boss. I have really enjoyed every moment of life working with this person. After some time, he was moved to other skill so as me.

In my life till date I haven’t met a person like him. I consider him as my Role Model, Mentor and Guru.


This ‘Down to Earth – Humanity’ will be there in my memory forever and I consider him as true friend as per my understanding about friendship.

"Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget"........

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