Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do you have a Guru??

I observe three categories of people in the society very closely. There are Politicians, Cinema actor/actress and Swamijis (Babas). According my estimation, 60 out of 100 in South India get influenced by any of these people (90% in Tamil Nadu).

All these people play vital roles in the lifes of south Indians. Among the above three, Babas are very very dangerous. Once they enter in to your life, you self confidence level will come down and started thinking they are powerful/intelligent than you which is not true in reality.

More and more younger generation is getting attracted to this trend and everybody is searching for a Guru/Baba. One reason for this is the failure of joint family system and technology.

I personal don’t agree the slogan of Nokia (Connecting people). I don’t know whether mobiles are really connecting people or not but surely they are disconnecting the human relations. Earlier, when mobiles are not there, people used to visit relative /friends houses on weekends/holidays. Mobiles are not giving the opportunities for meeting people/for improving human relations. Forget about relations/friends, I know the people who are not getting time to see their own parents due to mobile connectivity. When there is no guidance/help from elderly people in house, swamijis enters in to someones life.

Personally, I am not against to any baba and I also don’t say that they are fraudsters. However, I only want to mention that they are not god and we need not bow our head before them. I somehow don’t accept anyone as greatest person on the earth. He may be expert in his subject/area, but he can’t be god. When we don’t take the help of our parents/elderly people in house and when we believe we are weak, babas comes in the life. It’s just a belief nothing more than that.

One reason for mentioning about babas is, there are the richest people in India today. I know babas who have properties worth hundreds of crores. Instead of spending valuable time and money on these people, if the young generation starts donating to poor, India will prosper like anything. In USA, they are many Bill Gates /Warren Buffets ( Who has donated 90% of their prosperity for the prosperity of their country).

In India, people spend money for god/swamijis only. If the mind set doesn’t change, India will be ‘developing country’ every after 100 years it can’t become ‘developed’ country.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

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